Bespoke Private Tuition

7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+ Common Entrance Examinations

All of these examinations can be daunting. Not just because of the scope and breadth of the work involved, but also because of the importance of time management, and the increasing competitiveness. Monica’s approach to providing bespoke private tuition ensures that students do not feel overwhelmed. Monica teaches even the youngest children how to prepare for the examination process and how best to achieve their full potential.

Between 7+ and 13+ Monica offers tuition in all compulsory subjects and for 16+ Common Entrance, she provides tuition in English, French, History and the General Paper.

Preparing for Common Entrance, however, goes further than just the examination. In today’s intensely competitive marketplace, students are increasingly judged on their performance at interview, and need to sell themselves to rank above their rivals. Monica provides expert guidance on interview technique: the questions that are likely to be posed (and how to answer them), as well as confidence building, voice projection and body language techniques to guarantee a winning first impression.

To discuss tuition for 7+, 11+, 13+ or 16+ Common Entrance, including Pre-Tests in the above, please contact Monica here.