Bespoke Private Tuition


Monica JanssensMonica Janssens was privately educated at Wimbledon High School GPDST before gaining a 2 (i) Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature at the University of Hull, followed by a post-graduate degree in Law from the College of Law. This has given her a background in academic rigour and discipline that she is able to pass on to her students.

After qualifying as a solicitor, Monica practised international shipping law for seven years which involved considerable global travel. She has also worked as a banker and international PA, and in the theatre as an actress and director, which has provided her with a number of different skills and experiences that she can draw on when tutoring children.

Brought up in Paris and London, Monica is fluent in French and English. Her father was a linguist and her mother a broadcaster, actress and artist. This gives her an interesting, international background which is of invaluable importance in enabling her to develop well-rounded, cultured, impeccably educated children.

Able to undertake both short-term and long-term roles, Monica has several years’ experience in providing bespoke private tuition in diverse subjects to pupils of all ages. Most notably, she has successfully prepared children of different nationalities for entrance to Britain’s premier schools, from Winchester, Eton and Harrow, to City of London, Westminster and St. Paul’s.

Monica has provided tuition in many parts of the globe including Russia, Europe and the United States. She has tutored international students in a variety of residential contexts, as well as children of VIP parents. Monica has travelled with some of these families as a private tutor and although her main focus has usually been the children’s studies, Monica has accompanied her charges on organised activities, taking them on cultural tours, museum, theatrical and musical visits.

In a home environment, Monica provides lessons in English, History, Maths, Science, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, History of Art, French, Drama, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning. She offers advice on homework assignments; prepares children for specific tests and examinations; and assists with interview techniques for Britain’s major schools. Having worked in the theatre, she can help with elocution, enabling students to attain immaculate ‘received pronunciation’.

Monica has specialist experience of working with children of different backgrounds and cultures and has worked with students suffering from dyslexia, autism and multiple sclerosis.

With the parents’ cooperation, Monica is practised in establishing firm boundaries for children. Able to appreciate the importance of giving encouragement and praise when deserved, she is patient and approachable, and offers unstinting support. This enables her to develop strong bonds with her students.