Bespoke Private Tuition


Dear Monica

Thank you for teaching me all the wonderful Maths.

Love Raffi

Raffi (aged 8) was put up a year at Claremont after a few private lessons in Maths during 2015/2016.


Dear Monica

Thank you so much for teaching me English and French.  Although you have only been teaching me for a few months, I feel I have improved a lot and you’ve got me to enjoy subjects I’ve always hated.  Although this is our last lesson, I will of course be inviting you to King’s to see the wonderful place and to visit me.

Best wishes


Orlando (St. Ronan’s) won a 13+ music scholarship to King’s Canterbury, joining the school in September 2016.


am preparing my exam for marketing schools in France. The English exam requires specific abilities in English. Monica was very patient, diligent and able to give me her passion for history, economy and political issues… She immediately understood which kind of lessons would be adapted to me and knew how to be attentive to my requests.. 

My marks have gone up,I feel more comfortable in English, and it would not have been possible without Monica’s help. I thoroughly recommend her.

I spent a lovely time in Winchelsea and I hope to come back soon.

(Summer 2015)


To Monica

Thank you very much for all your help in French GCSE (Summer 2015).

Lots of love



Dear Monica

Thank you for helping me with my English GCSE (Summer 2015).  I feel I have improved so much thanks to you and I am eternally grateful for that.  Thank you very, very much.

From Sam x


Hi Monica

I just wanted to let you know that Orlando is over the moon as he went up almost 20% in English in his recent exams. He also did really well in French, getting over 70%. He was a little weak in French listening so hoping you will come and chat with him over the holidays. Thank you for really helping him.

X Huthrie (Summer 2015)


‘Dear Monica

Thank you for being such a motivation for Andrea! Your teaching is a great gift to her

(December 2014)

‘Hi! Andrea got offers from Putney, Latymer, JAGS with sport scholarship, Sevenoaks, More House and Queen’s Gate…She will go to Latyner! Thank you again for your help!’

(February 2015)

from Geraldine Laver

“We have been extremely pleased with Monica; our daughter really bonded with her and when she took the exam at Grey Coats Hospital School last Friday, she remembered everything she had been told and said she could not have done without the tutor’s help. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.
Mrs Dorling”

“Monica recently tutored my son for 7+ entry to prep school. I found her to be very intelligent, patient, diligent and able to tailor her style to suit the needs of the child. My son can be shy with new people but he settled very easily with her. I can recommend her without reservation. Incidentally, my son was successful in his entrance tests for Dulwich Prep. 

Mrs Wimbourne”

“Hello Mam,

Thank you so much for your time and helping me throughout those tests. I managed to get into Rugby, Cheltenham College, Dulwich, Oundle and Marlborough. I feel the luckiest person in the world and having such amazing acceptances. Though, it was tough to choose from such magnificent schools, but I have chosen the right place for me: Rugby. Thank you for your dedication towards my success, Ibrahim.”

“My name is Charlotte and I have prepared my ‘Concours aux Grandes Écoles Françaises’ with Monica. The English exam is very important and requires specific words that I did not use properly. Monica taught me how to discuss in an elegant way the economy, geopolitical issues and politics. She understood which kind of lessons I needed, and adapted her method to me. The one-to-one method made me succeed and feel at ease in English.”

‘Carissima Monica, e stato un vero piacere averti come insegnante’, Alessandra, Davide’s mother

(‘Dearest Monica, it has been a real pleasure to have you as a tutor’, Alessandra, Davide’s mother)


‘Thank you so much for all your hard work for Lewis…you are a fantastic tutor’, Mrs Varley.